Take control and make the conscious choices that build a sustainable, healthy, happy life

Conscious Baboon

Beyond fitness: align the elements of your life towards self-improvement. Improve your body, mind, and relationship with yourself to drive whole-person growth.

Conscious Baboon

Putting it all together:


Mindset practices to focus your mind and goals.

Refine your focus, reflect and set yourself up for success in fitness and life.


Guided nutrition with macronutrient and calories tracking for your needs.

Complete guidance makes nutrition easy to support your goals.


High performance workout plans for all athletic abilities.

Get stronger, faster, more durable and build skills – get better at everything


A lifestyle that drives you forwards

Recovery protocols help you squeeze the results out of your hard work, more results, less time.


A better, balanced life.

Movement, Nutrition, Recovery, and Mindset.

Conscious Baboon brings you balance in these key areas to make you a better human healthier at every level. You’ll get structure, guidance, and flexible scheduling to take the guess-work out of self-improvement.

Conscious Baboon strikes the balance, bringing movement, nutrition, recovery, and mindset practices together to build your powerful, synergistic high-performance lifestyle.


Structure daily habits and drive massive change!

Conscious Baboon

Getting better is easy when you can see habits in seconds. A color-coded timetable offers you flexibility and takes the guess work out of getting better.

You’ll get specific practices and habits from experts in all 4 pillars with the flexibility and efficiency to fit your schedule.


Track your progress and watch yourself improve day by day!

Our dashboard has been built to give you insight into your progress and how you are doing when it comes to implementing your daily practices across each of the 4 pillars.

Consistent small steps across each pillar will allow you to make the most progress both physically and mentally.

Bringing experts together for you

Our programs are put together by expert professionals in all 4 pillars, working together to bring you expert fitness and fulfilment practices.

Great things happen when we work together!

Conscious Baboon

Change yourself, change the world

Get started on your healthier, happier life today.